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Authentic, beautiful and inspiring life stories of women who overcame difficulties.

Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for inspiration!

The Warrior Women Project

The Warrior Women Project gives an exclusive insight into the exciting journeys of 22 amazing women from 13 countries of the world. Open emotions and childhood experiences are relived for the singular reason of sharing them with readers.

The women have fearlessly opened their hearts to share stories of joy, pain, success, failure, loving and giving. Their emigration stories are inspirational and empowering narratives of strength. They are about overcoming challenges, succeeding despite great odds and winning with their dreams.

The book provides a safe space where successful immigrant women can tell their stories, in their own words. Their tales are shared in text and pictures from the depths of their hearts, their baby-carrying wombs, and their tireless arms that nurture and care for their families, their neighbors, co-workers and lovers alike.

This is an amazing book!

It is very easy to read, very educative and a book I wished I read when my kids were much younger.
Highly recommended to parents of young or teenage children and anyone who hopes or wishes to be a parent.

How To Raise Well-Rounded Children

This is the first of my “How To” series for parenting E-Books I am writing. I am truly honored to share some of the knowledge I have acquired over the years with all of you. I had a lot of fun writing it, and I hope you feel the vibes as you immerse yourselves in my words.

In these series, I try to help parents navigate the sometimes-daunting-but-mostly-fun-and-ultimately-rewarding task of raising children, particularly teens.

Book one covers 16 guiding principles that have worked for me for over 20 years of motherhood. I focus on how to raise well-rounded, productive and resilient children in today’s world of instant coffee, instant messaging and quite frankly, Instagram.

Resilience and Kindness are the top principles I believe will make a difference in our children when it comes to the topic of bullying. As a National Keynote Speaker on Bullying, Teen Depression and Teen Suicide, these books are my way of sharing a lot about what I have learned that could help curb the alarming rates of Bullying, Depression, and Suicide in our young ones.

The book also provides easily implementable practical tips for parent engagement with their children. The main theme, however, is leading and teaching by example.

I hope you enjoy reading it and come back in the next few weeks for book two and the rest of the series over the next few months… Cheers and Happy reading!

Dr. Lulu poured her heart into this book.

You can feel her passion jump out while reading. As she mentioned in the book she is doing her part to create a healthier racism-free world for her children to live and thrive in. With every commandment listed she offers a task that helps to drive the point home. It is not enough to just read the book she is encouraging action. Action will invoke change.

How To Teach Your Children About Racism

This second book in Dr. Lulu’s “How to” series attempts to shed light on parenting and racism through the eyes of a Black immigrant mother.

★★ The day Mr. George Floyd was killed in broad daylight, the world got to see America and American-style policing in its true light.

As Black America mourned, the rest of the world joined in mourning, and for several days during a pandemic, the world appeared to unite. A rare unity led prominently by our youth, the next generation, fighting racial inequality.

Sadly, Mr. Floyd’s death is only the tip of the iceberg in what is generations of systematic, systemic, and institutionalized racism in America.
To begin the journey towards ending racism, we must first become humanists, and educate ourselves and more importantly, our children, the next generation of leaders and activists. We must live and lead by example so that history does not continue to repeat itself.

I grew up in Nigeria, seeing my Black as beautiful, intelligent and adding value. Then I emigrated to America and had 3 sons. Now I see my Black as endangered. My Black life does not matter, and my sons’ Black lives even less so.

As a mom, pediatrician, African immigrant, speaker and activist, I see my Black as a bridge to the education my patients, their parents, and White America.

In “How to Teach Your Children About Racism”, I use 21 commandments to advise and educate readers in a letter. I add a dose of humor, a huge splash of reality and an ounce or more of color in my message. It is a great book for parents, teachers and scholars alike.

I urge you to read it regardless of the color of your skin. It will teach you simple and easily applicable steps to begin the much needed conversation. You will giggle, you will smile, you will “aha,” and your heart might even shed a tear.

This is only the beginning, I might not change the world, but “How to Teach Your Children About Racism” will certainly light the spark.

This is such a great step in the right direction to preventing even one child suicide.

This is an absolutely amazing topic for adults to explore about an incredibly difficult topic. Our youth deserve our understanding and empathy.

A Teen’s Life

A Teen’s life chronicles the lives of 12 teenagers struggling to make sense of their lives and the lemons they have been given.

The second installment by Dr. Lulu, a pediatrician, International keynote speaker and bestselling author of “How to Raise Well Rounded Children”, A Teen’s Life attempts to discuss the variety of stressors our teenagers face today, and how they interplay with decisions by the teens that might have lasting (sometimes deadly) outcomes invariably affecting the prevalence of the youth suicides. If you have ever felt trapped, hopeless, helpless, mentally anguished, overwhelmed, depressed or anxious, this book is for you.

No stranger to suicidal ideations herself, Dr. Lulu helps readers of A Teen’s Life who find themselves in these predicaments or even suicidal take a different approach to their current circumstances.

In a “Dear Dr. Lulu” format, she responds to candid letters written by the teens, both on a personal as well on a professional level, offering practical suggestions and advice.


The book is divided into three parts:

Part one introduces and paints a picture of the burden of suicide on a global scale.

Part two chronicles the teens and discusses their issues.

Part three suggests solutions and gives practical calls to action to all gatekeepers (parents, teachers, counselors, coaches etc.) of at-risk teens, to ensure everyone knows and understands the roles they play in contributing to and preventing suicide.

With the foreword by Mr. Andy Grant, multiple suicide attempt survivor, the first few pages of the book captivate the reader right away!

A Teen’s Life will pull at your heartstrings, it will empty your tear ducts and it will also give you a few chuckle-worthy moments as well.

Dr. Lulu’s Self-Love Journal

Have you ever written a love letter to yourself?
Imagine if you did, what would say?
How would you feel?
What thoughts would come up for you?
How would you show up for yourself?

Many of us hardly stop to tell ourselves how much we love us.
When was the last time you said those three words to yourself?

In this journal, Pediatrician, Author, TEDx Speaker, Youth Suicide Prevention Activist and avid journalist, Dr. Lulu creates a sacred space for you to do just that!
Write daily love letters to yourself.
It is a daily chronicle of your self-love journey for you and by you.

The journal also includes special prompts that encourage you to take a 30 day self-love challenge.
Now the question is; Will you take it?

Dr. Lulu would also like you to share this journal with your friends, family and loved ones by getting them a copy 🙂

Co-Author Books

Mothers don’t have to be Superwoman, they just have to show love.

This book was Amazing!!! I was able to connect with all of the mothers telling their personal stories and what they learned. Mothers don’t have to be superwoman, they just have to show love.

The Mom’s Truth: Authentic Stories of Motherhood

Get ready for an encounter of unadulterated truth, beautiful waves of ah-ha moments, and a continuous message of hope to mothers everywhere. You are not alone- others feel the same way you do, have made the same mistakes, and have seen the same failures and successes. This book is a collection of stories of many different colors but has one common thread: motherhood.

Is it as easy as it looks? To know the truth, take the ride with 16 mothers who share authentic stories; some turn to tradition and others break it; single parents and non-birth parents; some find themselves mourning the dream of what their child’s life ” would have been.” And yes, we’re still asking, “How do we maintain and have it all?”

Although there is loss, there is also restoration and the times when you think, will it ever happen? We laugh; we cry, and we are sometimes overwhelmed with pride in the humans we have had a hand in shaping. This is the Moms’ Truth!

Prevention of Burnout in Medicine: Multimedia Primer and Lifebook

This academic book provides practical guidance for healthcare professionals to identify, mitigate and prevent burnout in medicine. This is achieved through essays, stories of personal experiences and artistic illustrations showing our collective expertise as clinicians and patients. This book can serve as a practical guide for recognizing and addressing burnout in academic settings. We delineate factors that could contribute to burnout which are beyond an individual’s control, such as institutional, governmental and insurance regulations. We describe the clear and subtle signs of burnout and encourage self-awareness. We prescribe preventive methods to avoid and overcome burnout. We discuss long-term transformative efforts to improve autonomy, advocacy and institutional approaches to optimize the overall setting in which healthcare is practiced. This book structure interweaves poetry, prose, art, photography, and authors’ original quotes, capturing a variety of these themes.